Beef Tartare (olive oil, lemon, pepper and salt) with parmesan flakes 

Sopressa (Verona sausage) with cheeses Cimbro, Asiago and fried mozzarella

Sautè of clams

Small saltwater fish, tipically fried

Tris of: Baked anchovies, octopus salad, prawns sautéed with pepper/salt

Sarde in saor (Fried sardines marinated in onions an d vinegar)

Prawns with curry, potato cream and crispy leek straw

Chopped aubergines with smoked cheese and cherry tomatoes in a parmesan wafer

First Course




Tagliatelle with white chicken ragout (Lessinia style )

Home made Ravioli “Caprese style” ricotta, tomato, marjoram

Fresh Tomato soup with burrata cheese, basil pesto and grilled bread

Pappardelle with lean beef ragu

Risotto pie Norcia’s sausage, smoked cheese and zucchini

Fusilli with shelled clams and cod fish Botargo

Spaghetti Gaetano’s style (chopped of: mussels, garlic, persil, hot pepper and fresh tomato)

Square Spaghettoni with desalted anchovies, cherry tomatoes, bread crumbs, chilli and flaked almonds

Paccheri with gurnard fish and cherry tomatoes 

Agnolotti (home made ravioli) stuffed with salt cod, topped with red onion salsa and smoked Bottarga(Cod eggs fish) 

Main Course




Entrecôte of Irish beef (cube roll)

Grilled lamb chops with Neapolitan broccoli

Sweet and sour Pork fillet medallions with apple and plums

Sliced grilled sirloin beef steak Fassone Piemontese

Sliced grilled sirloin beef steak Fassone Piemontese with rocket, tomato and cheese flakes Monte Veronese

Braised small octopus (with oil, tomato and red pepper)

Fillet of Sea bream or Sea bass baked in potato crust

Fillet of Sea bream or Sea bass stewed in vegetable broth





Mixed salad 

French fried potatoes

Peppered and cheesed fresh potatoes

Assorted grilled vegetables 

Home made Desserts and Cakes




Neapolitan pastiera: soft-wheat, ricotta pie with orange blossom water and candied fruits

Caprese: Almonds and dark chocolate cake with an ice cream scoop

Cannolo siciliano: Sicilian crispy tube with a creamy ricotta filling

Pastry of the day

Fresh Fruit Sorbet

Mixed of cheeses with chesnut honey

Desserts Wines




Passito di Falanghina Porta dell’Olmo Corte Normanna

Passito della Valpolicella Camporeale

Passito di Pantelleria

Recioto di Valpolicella


Coffee and Liqueurs




Espresso, Decaffeinated

Barley Coffee, Laced coffee, Tea


Barrique Grappa

White Grappa

Whisky and Ron

Sambuca Molinari, Amaretto di Saronno

Bitter liqueurs: Averna, Brancamenta, Braulio, Del Capo, Fernet Branca, Jeagermeister,

Lucano, Montenegro, Ramazzotti, Rutaben Cappelletti


Liqueurs from Sorrento Coast

Limoncello, Mandarin, Annurca apple, Wild fennel, Nocino, Liquorice, Bitter rocket


* some foods may have been heat-treated

Prices in Euro